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Aoudad Ram Aoudad Ram

 The Aoudad Ram also known as the Barbary Sheep, is native to the Atlas Mountains of Northern Africa.  Both sexes of Aoudads have horns that grow out and back and then in towards the back of the animal.  It has a sandy brown coat that darkens with age and long hair hangs from the throat and front legs. Trophy Aoudad males can weigh as much as 300 pounds and have 25 to 30 inch horns. 



One of the most difficult of sheep to hunt, Aoudads are rarely taken by bow hunters.


Trophy Aoudad Ram Hunt - All inclusive Package   $2,995



License and/or permit, services of guide, 2 days of hunting, room & board at ranch, field care of trophy and prep of trophy & meat for shipping.


Hunt dates: year round


 For more information or to book an Aoudad Sheep Hunt with D.R. Outfitting, please call:

(306) 742-7684 or fill out our contact form.
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