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Plains Buffalo & Woods Buffalo Hunts

D.R. Outfitting is home to two species of Buffalo or “Bison”.  The open prairie Plains Buffalo and the forest dwelling Woods Buffalo.


The Plains buffalo has a more rounded hump, heavier build, rounded head and is the more common of the two. The Woods Buffalo is taller, has a higher more defined hump, triangular shaped head and requires a Cites export permit as it is endangered.  Both species are huge and will grow to be 2000 pounds or more.  Easily agitated and dangerous when approached closely


Call Us for Summer Buffalo Specials!

Trophy Plains Buffalo Hunting

All inclusive Package  starting at $4,900


Trophy Woods Buffalo* Hunts 

All inclusive Package   starting at $5,900


License and/or permit, services of guide, 2 days of Buffalo Hunting, room & board at ranch, field care of trophy and prep of Buffalo trophy & meat for shipping.

Buffalo Hunting dates: year round, best time October to February *Woods Buffalo Hunting require a cites permit, allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing


Having a taste similar to beef but with a fraction of the fat, one of the best aspects of our bison hunts is the meat that you’ll take away. Bring a lot of coolers because you’ll be taking home plenty of bison steaks, roasts, and burgers with this hunt.


Bison Hunting also provide very attractive mounts and hides that can be used as rugs, bedspreads, or wall décor. We work with a local taxidermist, who will professionally mount the head and tan the hide at a very reasonable price.


For more information or to book a Buffalo Hunt, please call D.R. Outfitting at (306) 742-7684 or fill out our contact form.

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*Information and prices on website are subject to change without notice; please contact us for the most accurate and current information and prices.

D.R. Outfitting Box 42 - Calder, Saskatchewan - S0A 0K0 Canada - Call Darcy (306) 742-7684 Ranch