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wild boar huntingWild Boar Hunts


Available year round

Known as, the “Poor man’s grizzly”, European Wild Boar offer an exciting and sometimes dangerous hunt.


Native to Europe and Russia our European Wild Boar, also known as “Russians”, are well adapted to the cold Canadian climate.  Built like a military tank with sharp tusks and weighing up to 500 pounds, a charging boar is extremely intimidating and dangerous. 


Trophy European Wild Boar (Tuskers) Hunt - All inclusive Package   $2,495

European Wild Boar - Meat Animals - 100 to 200 pounds - All inclusive package $5.95/pound live weight.


License and/or permit, services of guide, 2 days of wild boar hunting, room & board at ranch, field care of trophy boar and prep of trophy & boar meat for shipping.


Wild boars have a very thick and tough hide and can be killed clean by a high calibre rifle. However, bow hunters should bring plenty of arrows and target the lung area of the wild boar as the shoulder area is armour plated and you will probably just wound the wild boar for it to die many days later.

Boar Hunting is also challenging because despite its poor eyesight, wild boar possesses keen senses of smell and hearing and is a very muscular animal that relies on its speed and wits to evade hunters.  If pressured too much the wild boar become nocturnal and almost impossible to hunt.

Not included: Taxidermy work, meat processing, airport pick up ($250/trip), applicable taxes and fees

Note: All other size of wild boar are regular price, extra days & non-hunters, $150/day for room & board.

Canadian Residents

Guaranteed Wild Boar Special $895

- Semi-guided hunt for 1 wild boar 140 to 160 lbs. Rooms are included for your group
at our on site lodge for your 2 day hunt.
- We are open year round, no license required, no age limit, more than 1 wild boar
can be taken.
- We will take you out walking or with quads and help you find the Wild Boar you are
looking for. We also have big raised box blind stands that you can hunt from over water
holes and bait.
- After you harvest your wild boar we will pick up, haul in and skin your wild boar for you.
- The hunting area is flat to rolling hills, 2/3 is forested and just under 500 acres.
- Rifle and bow hunting are allowed.
- Meat processing is available and your meat will be ready the next day for you to take
home. (approx. $90/wild boar, cut & wrapped into chops, roasts, ribs, ground).
- To book, send a $100 deposit/hunter. We will email you a 1-page form that has all our
contact info, your contact info, hunt dates, price and a brief description of the hunt.
Note: All other Wild Boar (100 – 200 lbs.) are $4.95/pound live weight extra, Extra days &
non-hunters $150/day for meals & rooms.

- Trophy Wild Boar with big tusks are $2,495

For more information or to book a European Wild Boar Hunt with D.R. Outfitting, please call: (306) 742-7684 or fill out our contact form.

contact us

*Information and prices on website are subject to change without notice; please contact us for the most accurate and current information and prices.

D.R. Outfitting Box 42 - Calder, Saskatchewan - S0A 0K0 Canada - Call Darcy (306) 742-7684 or Dylan (306) 621-5969