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whitetail Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts


Open range or preserve -

Saskatchewan, home of the world record.


We Guarantee a good shot at a 10 pt. Whitetail Buck or we will invite you to come back and hunt for free!


Our regular season Whitetail deer hunts are for hunter’s choice of any Whitetail buck and the ranch is loaded with a large number of 10 point whitetail bucks or bigger with scores of 150 to 200 pts.


Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt – All inclusive Packages:


Whitetail deer hunt, open range or preserve 
Hunters choice of any buck
White Tail Bucks 150 - 170 points - $4,900
White Tail Bucks 170 - 200  points - $6,900
White Tail Bucks 200 - 230  points - $10,900

Whitetail Hunts Includes: 

License and/or permit, services of guide, 4 nights and 3 days of whtietail hunting, room & board at ranch, field care of your whitetail trophy, skinning, and prep of trophy whitetail & whitetail meat for shipping.

Hunt dates: Aug. 20th to Jan. 20th  


The onus is on our guides to put you onto a good whitetail trophy, if you don’t see the Whitetail Buck you came for, you are not happy, we don’t get paid and we’re not happy. However, the choice is ultimately up to the hunter, we won’t tell you to shoot but if you like the whitetail buck, take him, if not we will carry on and find another whitetail buck.


The terrain consists of mixed forest and rolling hills, which is easily walked and quad accessible.  Hunting is done from raised box blinds (with heaters) located in the forest or the edge of fields.  There is room for 2 to 3 people in each blind.  Each hunter will be given a two-way radio so they can be in contact with their guide at all times.


We will cape out your whitetail buck, prep the whitetail antlers and freeze the whitetail hide and meat for transportation home.  In most cases hunters take their whitetail antlers, cape and meat home with themselves as extra baggage. Taxidermy work and meat processing are not included but we can recommend a local taxidermist and meat processor.


Whitetail hunting methods are flexible - Rifle, Muzzleloader, Cross bow and Archery can be all used to take your trophy whitetail buck. If bringing a rifle into Canada a firearm declaration form is required by Canada Customs.


Management Whitetail Hunts & Discount Whitetail Hunts

8 point bucks are available regularly as part of our effort to maintain trophy Whitetail.  Inquire


We want to have all your questions answered before you get here, so there are no surprises.


For more information or to book your Whitetail deer hunt with D.R. Outfitting, please call Darcy (306) 742-7684 or fill out our contact form.

contact us

*Information and prices on website are subject to change without notice; please contact us for the most accurate and current information and prices.

D.R. Outfitting Box 42 - Calder, Saskatchewan - S0A 0K0 Canada - Call Darcy (306) 742-7684 Ranch